Thanksgiving Poem from 1920

Rural Wisconsin, painting by Emelie Lovelace of Amery

The Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving has been part of the study in American schools for a century and a half. This poem is titled

“The Pilgrims Came” by Annette Wynne.

The Pilgrims came across the sea, And never thought of you and me;

And yet it’s very strange the way We think of them Thanksgiving Day.

We tell their story, old and true, Of how they sailed across the blue,

And found a new land to be free, And built their homes quite near the sea.

Every child knows well the tale, Of how they bravely turned the sail,

And journeyed many a day and night, To worship God as they thought right.

The people think that they were sad,And grave; I’m sure that they were glad–

The made Thanksgiving Day–that’s fun–We thank the Pilgrims every one.

(From the 1930 collection: 100 Best Poems for Boys and Girls)

A few years ago we celebrated Thanksgiving with our Norwegian relatives: Oystein, Gyril, and 3 beautiful daughters.

9 Replies to “Thanksgiving Poem from 1920”

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog and viewing the art and photographs you post. Thank you for sharing. The hermit outside of Amery sounds like an interesting fellow. Looking forward to reading more about him and his adventures. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    With Gratitude,


  2. Thank you, Carrie. Long distance hug, and I don’t hear much from readers but your comments ALWAYS give me a lift. Hope school is going well, Professor Wilhelm.

  3. I’m 71 years old and when I was young I spent a lot of time enjoying the set of Child Craft books we had. I remember this poem and even as a child memorized the first half of it. I have looked for it before but could never find it. I am now a very happy girl! I love this poem!

  4. Beverly Hubbs says: Reply

    I am 75 years old and I still can recite The Pilgrims Came So glad to look it up on google What an age we live in.e

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