The Comfort of a Dog: Updated

Never have I had to rely on a dog for comfort, though often I’d depend on dogs for companionship. Our dog gave me comfort and pleasant distraction when I was sore and healing.

After heart surgery 10 years ago I recovered slowly, the weather outside in June a perfect healing atmosphere, and my favorite “Archie” chair a comfort. There was not a lot of pain but it was discomfort and when I moved, I could feel the soreness in my chest.

Getting around was a slow-motion process, and at first even walking to the mailbox became a chore. Often I’d wait until the newspaper AND the mail was out there so when I traveled to the end of the driveway it would be a double benefit.

At any time I had a supportive wife and a comfortable house, a good health plan that did not cause worry about how the operation was getting paid for. While my wife worked a couple friends from nearby Nekoosa came to spend time, a reach-out I’ll never forget. And also,  a lesson learned so that I would do that to help others.

Our dog Chance, a true collie looking dog but on a smaller scale, was so gentle. A toy or miniature collie I found later, one of the larger models.

When he sat nearby, I’d reach for him and pet his head and neck. Never realizing it immediately, I found myself relaxed and forgetting about my situation. In giving of myself, though hard to explain, it made me a giver and was distracted by this mutual good deed. The petting certainly became WIN-WIN, and later figured out that some service dogs perform that function.

Our current border collie, Daisy. She made the transition from farm dog to village life quite well.

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