Haying Time–A Gathering Storm

At my mom’s home place, the house of her birth, my godmother Aunt Ann and her husband hung a framed picture over the fireplace. The name of the painting is the name of this post, an 1881 painting by French Artist Julien Depre. The picture I grew up with was black and white, a copy, but it fit so well in that farm that my Grandpa Ole Larson and his wife Julia created to make a living for themselves and their eight children. A grandson of Aunt Ann has the framed picture hanging in his living room, and Steve has a nagging suspicion that if it disappears, that he’ll first come looking for it by finding me. The storm idea has plagued farmers for centuries, and if you recall the Norwegian letter from a few days ago, their hay wasn’t drying because of too much rain. Not only did these farmers have to load the hay but also had to get it into some kind of covered storage area to unload. Lots of feeling, lots happening in this painting of French farmers.


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