Bone Lake and the Reading Lady

One cool 45 degree morning, steam/ warmth came from the surface of Bone Lake. Later it looked like this when the rain poured.

We traveled to Polk County last week and stayed at a cabin on Bone Lake north of Amery, Wisconsin. The lake wasn’t friendly that much, and it rained intently one entire day. The cabin, however, was cozy and all the cold weather gear we could find was put to use. We drove around the area some days and ventured out on the pontoon a couple times.

The photo below is a statue the front of the Luck Public Library. The Bloomer Public Library has reading kid statues made out of the same material.

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  1. I sure do like little travelogues like this, especially when Wisconsin is involved. Not to be too morbid but is thsi the same ‘Bone’ Lake that they found parts of a lady killed by her husband 25 years ago? They lived in Minneapolis and the husband brought her to Bone Lake and dumped her. She was found, I believe, when the police caught the husband and after interrogation, told them where she was.

    1. It might have been, north of Amery and not far from Luck. Five mile long lake, musky lake. One year a swimmer/ dropped waterskier got run over by another motorboat. The lake has a unique name because at one time the Chippewa and Sioux fought here, one tribe got stranded and isolated on the big island, and many died. Later people coming to the lake found a number of bones. All hearsay, but I’d think the name had to come from some source. Will ask my sister about what you mentioned, 90 % of the people on the lake are from the Twin Cities. Did you see your name got inserted in the Nasty Carl story, Brad?

  2. I did see Brad. A friend of Nasty Carl who is a PYRO, no less! Looks like this Brad is up to no good! LOL

    1. Yes, I had to come up with a name for the pyro, and you have to believe I just grabbed the name Brad at random. Can you imagine having this kid Carl in your classroom?

  3. It would keep things very interesting…especially for the teacher! The name Brad is used quite often on TV commercials. A few I can remember are the Liberty Insurance Commercial and the Maaco Auto Body commercial. Must be an easy name that all can relate to, however I have known very few Brads in my life. Brad Anger and Brad Waite com to mind. It’s a pretty uncommon name.

    1. You caught me. When I write Brad into the stories, it’s you. (can’t find the smiley face) Yes, I had a cousin from Barron named Brad, otherwise not a lot of Brads in my teaching days, and not many now. Anyway, thanks for following my blog and FB posts, it’s good to have a class fellow like you in my corner. Now the next story I’m working on has to do with the underbed idea; I’ve got it 80% there, just need to finish it up.

  4. Thank You! Keep writing Strong!

  5. Thank You Mr. Elkin! Keep writing Strong!

  6. Danke sehr, Mr. Elkin! Keep writing Strong!

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