Lovely Little Arriana

This red springer spaniel is quick as a whip and aware of everything that goes on.  Arriana is a fast learner and a joy to have around the house. We once had a springer spaniel who kept getting out of our backyard enclosure. Couldn’t figure it out, so we looked for holes in the fence and came up empty. In a most stealthy manner I positioned myself out of her view to watch her behind the backyard gate. Sure enough, like an Army Ranger going through an obstacle course, she slowly climbed the welded wire fence, jittery and unsteady. After making it to the top, she jumped over. It was a contest and she figured it out.

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who has had experiences with this breed.

Actually I got this photo from Pixabay and really like it. If you’re ever searching for good photos, cheap or even free, check the Pixabay site. It would be great to help them with their collection by submitting your best photos, but they have tough standards and aren’t easy to crack.

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