The Mouse

In amongst these piles of sacks
There lives a tiny mouse
And hidden far from human’s view
He has an unseen house.

To him it is a palace
No bricks nor mortar there
But just the softest remnants
He chewed and placed with care.

He has a little family
Cuddled deep amongst the down
And when they get enough to eat
He’s the happiest mouse in town.

His wants are very simple
His needs are being met
By the God all powerful
Who never does forget.

May I, in all my splendor
Living in a human’s house
Remember that God cares for me
Just as He does that mouse.

Lucy M. Peterson of Amery
July 18, 1977

Written while sitting in a pickup at the feed mill in Amery, waiting for her husband to buy feed.

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  1. Perfectly stated for the simplicity and appreciation of God’s creation.

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