The Ole Larson Farm

The farm of Ole Larson in the letter below was located 10 miles northeast of Amery, WI. This photo shows either Grandpa Ole or Uncle Lawrence taking a break from plowing. Notice the chickens scrounging for worms in the newly turned soil, and in the background, the house that sheltered the 10 Larson family members. And if you look closely, look high and there is the light image of their windmill.

This photograph is one of my favorites, so much in one image. Taken probably about 1925.


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  1. The tree in front is pretty neat too. I’m afraid the younger generation won’t have the photo history we do. They’ll copy to disc, maybe, and never get around to labeling them all. We will continue to take photos and hope their entire history isn’t lost. This is a very informative picture of the times.

    1. Hi Cari, that’s a feature of this new layout, the choices over to the side of past posts. I’ll give you some insight into today’s post, the lady at the by her house. This picture came from I don’t know where, but I knew I’d use it somehow. Making it about a fictional lady who lived down the creek from where we lived in Amery. Have some idea ready in my head as to how to describe her but still may come up with more. Would like to talk to you someday about the Amery background and my great childhood, but it seems that the Amery people have no need nor is there an attempt to connect to my columns or these blog posts. I will continue making Amery the setting for the stories, even to the extent of a body found in the ruins of a barn west of Amery, a crime that never got reported and was covered up. It was covered up in part because it never happened, but I’ll still throw into the mix a few rumors and points to ponder. Thanks for your great support, Cari.

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