The Saddest Kid Ever

The kid looked like a poster child for depression, a hang-dog look and a stooped manner that silently cried out,
–“I’m miserable.”
While in Cumberland one summer day, having biked there from our Bone Lake cabin, I stopped in a Kwik Trip gas station to refuel with munchies and a soft drink.
–Here he was, probably 11 years old, the kid looking like someone just told him his puppy died. Not knowing whether or not to talk to him, I watched as he wandered aimlessly in the aisles.

As a former teacher, I couldn’t help it. Cautiously I asked if he was okay. His eyes said “I want the world to end” and his mannerisms cried misery.
–Not quite tears yet, that I could tell.
Asking him if he fell off his bike or if he lost something, he told me “no”, and I kept my eye on him.
–“You going to be okay?”
–Then, taking a deep breath, he let it out.
“My girlfriend just broke up with me.”

Knowing nothing would console him, I put my hand on his shoulder. I gripped it firmly and then let go.
Just wondering now where that kid is today.

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