Lady Liberty and the Flowers

Just recently a statue was erected  in the Wisconsin Rapids, WI, area. The life-like Statue of Liberty stands close to the sidewalk and the street, across from the State of Wisconsin Office Building. This retired teacher also has wonderful hanging baskets of flowers, and we’ve always meant to stop in and try to find out her secret to those lush and beautiful flowers.. The flowers alone were spectacular, now there’s another attraction.


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  1. I had the chance to see Lady Liberty yesterday. The flowers are so abundant I would have missed the statue if you hadn’t told us about her.

    1. Loren Elkin says: Reply

      Hi Cari, thanks for the note. Yes, that statue was just added a week ago. I’m still afraid for vandalism. She always has those wonderful hanging baskets. I thought I’d get there for the foot clinic and talk to you, but our family is going to my cousin’s cabin north of Amery.
      I’d be curious as to how much that statue cost. They aren’t hurting for money, but the day I took the pictures from across the road, they arrived home and they are quite old and very slow moving (like I feel some days). They spend winter in the south somewhere.

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