The Watch, the Coin, and the Outhouse

This rural tale centers around an outdoor toilet; little Bradley and Grandpa are the action figures.
Visiting his grandparents for the weekend, the two men stepped into a two-holer and took care of business. As Brad stood up, a coin dropped from his pocket. It was the silver dollar that Grandma Ovidia had given him that morning.
“Grandpa, can you go get it,” he asked, looking up at his good-natured grandfather.
Grandpa Amos broke the bad news to him that it wouldn’t be worth going down there just for a dollar coin.
“We’ll find you another coin.”
Brad was stubborn and lobbied for the rescue of this dollar. In a little while they talked about other things, and Brad asked him about his pocket watch.
“ It came from my father,” he told Bradley. His father worked on the railroad and used this worn but valuable timepiece.
“ Can I see it?”
Grandpa handed it to him. Brad handled it and rubbed it to feel how smooth it was. Then without warning he dropped it into hole number two.
Grandpa couldn’t believe what he just witnessed.
“Now, Grandpa, when you’re down there getting your watch would you find my coin, please.”

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