Tina and Caleb I

For those of you who have read my Elkfarm emails, you’ll recognize these two thoughtful kids. This is the initial conversation they had, on the grounds of Amery Elementary School:

Caleb. Do you like me.
–I like talking to you, you listen good.
Are we going to be friends forever?
–Not sure, Tina. We can be friends for now, for this week.
Are you staying home for Thanksgiving?
–I think so, they don’t tell me much.
We’re going to Grandpa’s.
–Oh. Turkey?
I think so, we tried ham last year and no one liked it.
–Did you see Teacher take David into the hall?
Yeah. I never want to get in trouble like him. (Tina smiled)
When he came back in before Teacher came, he walked past our table and said “farty teacher”.
(Caleb coughs, then snorts)
You okay, Caleb.
–Owww. Part of my candy bar came out my nose.
(Tina puts her arm on his back for comfort.)
Let’s be friends next week, too. Okay?
(Caleb nods as he eats the snorted candy)

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