Vermont Adventures–Ice Cream and the Capital City

Burlington, Vermont, is our base of operations, and today we traveled to Montpelier as well as to Ben and Jerry’s. Lovely mountains and colorful tree cover, great day weather-wise, an unhurried and enjoyable day.

Ben and Jerry’s

The stop in Waterbury was almost accidental because I had to make a pitstop, but then we saw that it was the headquarters of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream empire. Tasteful visitors’ center with tours available, souvenirs, and their wide variety of ice cream in cones and cups. We’re not big ice cream eaters but we each bought a waffle cone. Sat outside and enjoyed the people and the sunny cool fall day with the Green Mountains in the distance.

The Capitol Building

From there it was only 12 miles to the capital city of Monpelier, We arrived in no time and with little effort located the Vermont capitol building. It was visible from most parts of the city. Luckily we found a parking spot on the street right in direct line with the capitol. We took photos and then walked the hefty distance to the building.

You must excuse me while I look up the difference between capitol and capital. Often I get them mixed up.

Again, lovely day, not a lot of people anywhere, and a welcome entryway to get a feel for the building. We each went our own way, Marilyn upstairs and took a few photos of the lawmaking chambers, and I talked with the tour guide and asked a few questions. No, Vermont was not a colony. Yes, it was the first state added to the 13 states of the USA. Also, the Smith of Mormon fame may have had his vision in Vermont, but he wasn’t certain. Looking it up, I found his visions happened in western New York state.  The guide described Nathan Hale and the Green Mountain Boys who fought during the American Revolution. Those mountains can be seen from the steps of the capitol.

On our way home I photographed this huge and colorful barn. It appears to be four, almost 5 stories.

Headed tomorrow, Saturday, to the south and then eastward into New Hampshire. The weekend prices for hotels is crazy, a $100 dollar Super 8 on any other day, charge jumps to nearly $200 on these days when people flock northward to take in the beauty of the area. We hope that heading toward Portsmouth or Manchester will mean we can find a more reasonably priced place to stay for a couple nights.

Coming Soon —

Coming soon. Legendary singer now working in Good Will store in Burlington, NH. And also a spooky encounter with a doll carrying lady in a room of a bed and breakfast.

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  1. I am enjoying the travels

    1. Hi Julie, good to hear from you. Hope work is going well, and we’re enjoying our rambling through New England. In Freeport, ME, now at the LL Bean area with quite a downtown with shops and eating places. Had lobster tonight. Will get you a t-shirt or refrig. magnet. Send me your size.

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    1. Will do that, Roberta. thank you

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