Wedding in the Berkshires

The day arrived and the wedding was perfect. The attendees were glad the day had finally arrived.

Casual milling around in the wide spaces of this elaborate building (Cranwell, look it up) that accommodated crowds like this. We moved down the steps to the seats and soon the ceremony began. Lovely bridesmaids, but Eileen, sister of the bride, appeared the happiest to be there.

Having trouble loading the photos, of all times, when I’ve said I’d have a blog ready. Will get working on it. Some photos did show up on the Facebook post, please check that. I’ll be BACK  with photos of Cranwell and other wedding images.


2 Replies to “Wedding in the Berkshires”

  1. Any wedding in the Berkshires has got to be lovely!

    1. Brad, it turned out to be an amazing event. The weather was perfect, the prelude and then the ceremony, so meaningful, and then into the ballroom to eat and dance. Never saw a wedding reception like this, though, where the dancing started then little by little the food came. And hore devours before we went into the reception area, at a time when we were so hungry. But for food, first a couple of scallops with a bit of green, 1/2 hour later a spinach salad, and in awhile either sea bass or tenderloin. Wedding cake later.
      This wedding and one on Rib Mountain a couple of summers ago was superb, and on that day the weather perfect, the view spectacular, and the ceremony to the point. I tell people that one and the one in Mass. was so great, even macho men had high praise for it.

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