Thanks to You who Read this Blog

For those who are still opening posts on this blog and reading them, THANK YOU.  I’ll continue to post worthwhile and creative writing pieces because you deserve to read something entertaining and of value. Please sign up on the email on the right. THANK YOU, I’m not going to give up.

Why are the number of  hits down? For those of you few who do still look at my writings, has something changed? I’ve got from hundreds of hits to about 50 a day. Please advise.

Loren Elkin


2 Replies to “Thanks to You who Read this Blog”

  1. Hello Loren,
    You can count me in as one of your subscribers. I will send my info and payment out this week. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and look forward to being a member of your fan club.


    1. Oh, Carrie, so nice to hear from you. This week has been depressing because the number of hits on the blog is down, but I’m backing up and ready to forge ahead. Not getting a lot of Elkfarm Club applications, but I’m going to send out a wing-dinger of an email tonight that might involve: Sh*t or get off the pot. It’s people like you who keep me going. Mange takk, many thanks in Norwegian. You’re a real sweetheart, with lots of brains.

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