Who’s with the Baby?

A quiet evening in the country.

The father grunted as he slept, occaionally looking at the football game on the big screen. In and out of sleep, a tiring Monday and football to relax. 

From the baby monitor near the foot of the couch, he heard Pamela in the nursery upstairs. Always the best parent from day one, she cooed and talked with little Joanie.

After watching a replay of a touchdown, he drifted back to la la land.

A few minutes later he heard a car and saw headlights shine in the window. Pamela fumbled at the door, carrying all the packages in both hands.

“Will you help me, honey? Groceries in the trunk.”

His eyes popped open. “Pamela?”

She saw him jump up from the couch and head for the stairs.

“Nooo,” he yelled. “I thought you were upstairs!!”

Who’s with the baby?

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